D-Dub Software was founded in 2004 with as much balls as talent. The founders had been imagining BoneTown for years, and began to make it soon after college in a garage in Albuquerque, NM. Around the same time they graduated to an office, they found and hired the best programmers, graphic artists, and sound engineers in the city to be a part of the project. Overall, the game took three years and was made by seven people.

With BoneTown, D-Dub has merged two of the most popular industries in the world. Video games won’t know what hit them, and pornography has been waiting for this for a long time. With BoneCraft, D-Dub has combined in parody two of the largest PC games on the planet, StarCraft and World of WarCraft.

D-Dub has set out to create a new industry, and made sure that they started with their business strategy. As they are a small company, everyone has a say in the creative process. With the help of a large group of supportive friends and family, D-Dub Software has made the dream of video gamers everywhere a reality.